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Computer Programming
Internet of Things

UCI MAE Projects Resources

Ronald P.Kessler, Ph.D., MCSE
Advisor, UCI Race Car Engineering Teams

Selected Instructional Videos
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Visual Studio Resources
Imagine Cup Global Tech. Competition
Internet of Things & Cloud Programming
RobotC & Rescue Robotics Resources
UCI Energy Invitational 2019
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Updated 8/7/2022
UCI Walking Critters Resources & Study Group 2022


UCI Anteater Racing & Solar Car Teams



SAE Mini Baja


Telemetry, CAN-BUS, & Data Acquisition


Automotive Sensors & Diagnostics

Electronics & Microcontrollers

SCC Syntax Errors
UCI Rescue Robotics Workshops
Robotics Vendors & Supplies
Contact me at RPKessler@hotmail.com


CS 100 Introduction to Computer Science
CS 105 Visual Basic Programming
CS 106 Intermediate Visual Basic Programming
CS 205 Advanced Visual Basic Programming
CS 206 ASP.Net With VB & C#
CS 120 Introduction to Programming (C++)
CS 121 Programming Concepts (C++)
CS 131 Data Structures (C++)

CS 213 Introduction to C# Programming
CS 112 Java Programming

CS 157 Introduction to Robotics Programming
CS 257 Applied Robotics & Embedded Programming
CS 198 Home Automation & Networking Fundamentals

Remote Control Robotics Projects
Windows 10 Developer Tools
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