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On this page, I have assembled some projects for both the NXT and the Boe-Bot. The projects/software is designed to show how we can use several different technologies to communicate and control your machine. Be sure to use the hardware and software libraries I recommend or your bot may not behave! All of this stuff has been developed on Windows 7 & Visual Studio 2010. The Embedded Compact 7 projects are created in Visual Studio 2008 Professional. The Netduino projects use .Net micro framework 4.2 from Microsoft. Kinect projects work for the Kinect for XBox 360 or Kinect for Windows. Robotics Developer Studio has been discontinued so you have to search for a copy.

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Parallax Boe-Bot Basic Stamp 2
  • Lesson 1
    Using Infrared for remote control
  • Infrared Technologies (Requires Power Functions remote and Hi-Technic IR Sensor)
  • 1- Get the Hi-Technic IR Sensor and NXT-G block (bottom of page)
  • 2- Import the IR block
  • 3- Now get the Lego Power Functions Remote controller
  • 4- Run my app to control NXT with Power Functions remote.
  • Lesson 2
    Introduction to Bluetooth


  • Lesson 3 Part 1
    Working with XBEE radios. The NXT requires the NXTBEE module from
  • Dexter Industries NXTBEE (Port 4 only on NXT)
  • Programming Guide
  • Download the NXTBee Blocks with the advanced firmware to make the NXT work with this module(it is called NXTBEE complete)
  • Use DIGI X-CTU as the remote controller and  interface to manage all XBee radios.
  • The NXTBee module is designed for port 4 on the NXT only. You must configure both radios.
  1. Install X-CTU download & documentation

  2. Install NXT block for NXTBee

  3. Configure both Xbees with X-CTU and my profile.(You load this from the Modem config. tab)

  4. Run NXT app and control via X-CTU. See notes in .rbt

  • Remote Control of Boe-Bot with XBee Series 1 radios
  • BS2 program (I am using XBEE version 1 radios)
  • I use DIGI X-CTU terminal program.
  • Note: I tested the NXTBEE Pro's and they work for the Boe-Bot even though they are configured for the NXT.


  • Lesson 3 Part 2 Advanced Control with VB or C#
  • NXTBEE & Visual Studio 2010
  • Simple controller(run the NXT-G program below on your NXT. Then run either the VB or C# app to control it from your PC.)
  • Windows Embedded Compact 7 & NXTBEE
  • This C# program controls the NXT from an Ebox.
    • Use this NXT-G program(same as the one for VS2010 above)
    • XBee driver for Ebox(included with C# project above)
Boe-Bot & Visual Studio 2010
  • C# program for controlling the Boe-Bot via XBEE's as described above.
  • Lesson 4
  • Lesson 5
    Wi-Fi Remote

Dexter Industries New WiFi Block

  • Check out the WiFi block here. It will let us control the NXT with Lego-G blocks, Arduino, Robot-C and more!
  • Lesson 6
    Working with RFID
  • Check out the RFID reader, software, and documentation at Parallax
  • Lesson 7
    Introduction to physical computing
    • XBee Remote Control
    • PowerSwitchTail II
  • Lesson 8
    Introduction to Arduino, Netduinos, & Board of Education Shield
  • Board of Education Shield
    • A new Parallax board which allows you to control the Boe-Bot with an Arduino
    • Some samples from Parallax
  • Netduino & BOE Shield projects (not for Netduino Plus)
  • Netduino PLUS & BOE Shield Projects
  • Lesson 9
    Introduction to Netduino Products & Boe-Bot
  • Check out Netduino here. These boards add even more cool stuff to build!
  • NetDuino Mini plugs into the BOE and replaces the BS2 module. You can then program it in either VB or C#. You must have .Net Microframework 4.2 for VS 2010 or 4.3 for VS 2012 in order to use VB.
  • Netduino Mini and .net micro framework
  • The mini fits the BOE and can control the bot via C# and VB. Use VS 2010 and install NetMF 4.2 & then Netduino SDK 4.2 for VB or C#
  • For VS 2012 you need to install .Net microframework 4.3 and the Netduino SDK 4.3
  • NOTE: Netduino mini modules with 4.2 firmware work just fine with VS2012 and MF 4.3 so you do not have to update the modules!!
  • Lesson 10
    Introduction to Microsoft Kinect API

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