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There are numerous methods for extracting data from SQL Server. In this video series, I hope to show you some techniques for creating, using, and customizing data sources in Visual Studio. I also want to show you some ways to create and use your ADO objects in code. My goal is to demonstrate both Windows and Web forms ADO development.



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  • Series 1: Introduction to SQL databases and ADO.Net:  Using DataSources & the Wizards
  1. Series 1 demonstrates the easiest method of connecting to a SQL database within Visual Studio. You will learn how to create a new SQL database, add some DataSource objects, and create a multi-form application. You will be able to modify, insert, and delete records... all with a minimal amount of coding!
  2. Learn how to add a SQL database to your project.
  3. Learn how to create tables and add data to your new tables inside Server Explorer.
  4. Create Data Sources to connect to your database tables.
  5. Drag and drop a grid or textboxes to your form.

See how Visual Studio creates navigation and editing capabilities for us!

Windows Version Videos:

Creating your project and new database.
Adding a DataSource
Adding more forms and connecting the form to the database. Also learn how to format your data.
Completing the multi-form application including a splash screen, timer control, & about box.

Get the finished project here. Be sure to change .net framework to version 3.5 or greater and target CPU to x86.

ASP Version Videos:

1. Setting up a DataGridView to read a DB table and edit/delete  records

2. Add a DetailsView control so we can add new records.

3. Add an Orders form to edit/delete orders for a specific customer. Shows how to link a listbox with a grid!

4. Add a DetailsView Control to the Order form so we can add new records.

5.How to make the DetailsView calculate tax and total due for a new record!!  (Very cool)


  • Series 2: Using Server Explorer Wizards, & Management Studio Express
  • Windows Project Videos:
  1.  Learn how to create a new SQL DB in server explorer. Examine the App.Config connection string settings.
  2. Now, make a new datasource and show the customer data inside a grid.
  3. How to work with related tables to select data and display in synchronized grids!
  • SQL Management Studio Express

  1. Overview of Mgmt Studio...queries, backups, logins.
  2. How to create a new database and new login.
  3. How to attach a new database (Northwind & Pubs databases) using a script to SQL Server Express.


  • Series 3: Using in code & the Disconnected Model
  • Series 4: Using in code & the Connected Model
  • Series 5: Using command objects to secure passwords with one-way encryption
  • Database Password Encryption
  • How to encrypt passwords demo 1
  • How to encrypt passwords demo 2 with a "salt" value(more secure).
    • Get the SaltyPW Sql database here. It is a backup of mine so restore it in Sql management server to run it on your machine.

Too cool!

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