Santiago Canyon College

Visual Basic 106

Project 3: Using Multiple Forms and SQL Databases
Documentation & Specifications

Extra Credit Project


You are going to modify your ATM project #2 to use a SQl database of Access DB as your data store. I want you to add a way for the bank to create accounts for new customers. I also want your project to save at least three (3) customers information in your database.

Here are the minimum requirements for full credit (30 Pts)

  1. Modify your ATM project to include another form so the manager of the bank can create new accounts. They need to be able to add the new accounts to the existing data file you have been using in the previous versions.
  2. When the customer enters their PIN, your code will have to search the database to find the correct information.
  3. Password protect the form that the manager will use. This may require you to add a third form.
  4. You must include structured error handling where appropriate.

Specific Tips

  1. When your program starts up, code it so when you press a key like F10, a little form comes up asking for authentication. If the User ID & PW are good, then show the manager's form. Or, use a pull-down menu and make the manager sign in.

  2. Make sure you change code to update the dataset table.

  3. As always, include good comments in your code.


 This project is due week 16 which is the week of the final. Please do not wait until the last minute to start this because it has a bunch of parts. Even if you do not finish it on time, turn in what you have for partial credit.