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Visual Basic 106


PROJECT 2: Introduction to Object-Oriented Programming:

ATM OOP Version

Documentation & Specifications




You are going to modify your ATM project #1. You are going to move code out of click-event handlers into their own Subs, Functions, and Classes, as is appropriate. The purpose of this project is to give you experience with Object-Oriented-Programming.

Here are the minimum requirements for full credit (30 Pts)

  1. Your ATM should operate exactly like it did in the first project. But the code will be moved out of button event handlers.
  2. I want you to create a Sub, Function, or Classes to encapsulate your code.
  3. Create a Class Diagram for your project after it is complete.
  4. You must include structured error handling where appropriate.

 Specific Tips 

  1. Think about the concepts of OOP and move code that you use more than once into Subs or functions to start with.
  2. After you finish step 1, and your program still works, create a class and move those Subs & Functions into the new class module and see if you can still make things work.
  3. As always, include good comments in your code.




This project is due week 14. Please do not wait until the last minute to start this because it has a bunch of parts. Even if you do not finish it on time, turn in what you have for partial credit.