Santiago Canyon College


Visual Basic 106


PROJECT 1: Deluxe Automated Teller Machine (ATM) With File I/O

Documentation & Specifications




You are going to design an ATM project. The customer needs to be able to enter a PIN, and then make a deposit, withdrawal, or get Fast Cash. You may use your C#105 ATM project as a starting point or start from scratch.


Here are the minimum requirements for full credit (30 Pts)

  1. Provide a way to enter the PIN and terminate the program if they enter the wrong PIN more than 3 times.
  2. Provide data entry for deposits/withdrawals.
  3. Your program must validate the data they enter.
  4. All currency data must be formatted correctly showing dollars and cents.
  5. You will save one customers data to a DISK FILE using either the "traditional method" of file I/O or by using a Streamreader/Writer like I showed you in lesson 6.
  6. When the customer enters a PIN#, your program will search the data file and pull up their information.
  7. I want you to store the customer's First Name, Last Name, Current Balance, and PIN#
  8. You must include structured error handling where appropriate.

 Extra Credit

For 5 points extra credit and bragging rights, add a way for the customer to change their PIN if they want to!

Specific Tips


  1. Make sure the customer canít do anything until they enter the correct PIN.
  2. Include a way to end your program and ask the customer if they really want to end.
  3. Make sure you label the things on the screen so it is obvious to the customer how to run and interact with your program.
  4. Make your input form nice to look at. Experiment with different background colors and fonts. Remember to include an appropriate title for your form so it looks nice on screen.
  5. The program should start up in the center of the screen.
  6. The tab order should be set appropriately.
  7. Please include comments in your code and make sure you include a title and date of creation and any other stuff you want me to know about how your program works. If you are not sure, ask me about this.




This project is due week 9. Please do not wait until the last minute to start this because it has a bunch of parts. Even if you do not finish it on time, turn in what you have for partial credit.